​​This customer had a fun day with her family pouring cement, so we used the old jeans she wore that day to cover the mat!

Below are some "in progress" photos of maple frames for a local art show.  Ten of the frames were very large.  Three of the those ten had the smallest dimension over 48 inches!

Here is a hole-in-one golf ball we framed for this proud customer.

This customer brought in photos of her son, some with his golf team, a wood award plaque, golf tee's, newspaper articles and score cards.  We chose a simple black frame, a fabric mat the color of the grass and had a banner silk screened at the top and metal plates engraved.

​Most projects are not nearly as complicated, but if something means something to you, we can frame it!

Much of our business these days is framing original art for the home or office, art gallery or artist.

This project was done to commemorate a dog and handler team's achievement. This piece shows a less formal, more scrap booking style layout.  The photos were cut out and laid on and over the matted paper documents. 

​​The Framer started in 1979 & has framed many thousands of items.  We have been so busy framing we rarely have time to take photos, but here are a few examples:

Even after all these years I still love the smell of fresh cut wood!

We have framed a ton of sports jersey's for restaurants, bars and man caves!

​​​​Often the original art framed for the artist & art gallery is done very simply, with a black or maple frame and white acid free mat and back.